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Xfce 4.6 Desktop Environment Released

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  • Xfce 4.6 Desktop Environment Released

    Phoronix: Xfce 4.6 Desktop Environment Released

    While GNOME 2.26 and KDE 4.2 have been receiving much of the attention when it comes to the Linux desktop, the Xfce developers have announced the release of version 4.6 for their desktop. Xfce 4.6 is a big improvement over Xfce 4.4 with plenty of new features. This is the culmination of over two years of development and brings a new configuration back-end, a new Xfce settings manager, a new session manager, a new sound mixer, and numerous other improvements throughout the open-source Xfce stack. The news announcement for Xfce 4.6 can be read at along with a tour of this new desktop...

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    The tour seems to be for 4.4, which I didn't realize until I read all the way through.

    I'm using KDE 4.2 now, but I might try out Xfce some time soon.

    Edit: Never mind, it's the right tour now.

    Edit 2: The Xfce site must be running on multiple servers, one (or some) of which haven't been updated yet. Now I can only get the 4.4 tour again.
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      The brightness and saturation adjustments on the desktop background picture is an EPIC WIN, and I have wished for some time now that gnome had that kind of functionality.


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        Some very nice new features in there.

        I have a friend who's running XFCE, but she doesn't like it much. Her machine can handle Gnome...but not terribly well.

        Perhaps this could help placate her concerns?


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          I've been using XFCE for a long time but I don't usually get excited about new releases. This one does look quite juicy though!


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            Does xfce support inotify now?


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              For most changes: go xfce!

              For the new configuration system, ie The Registry similar to Gnome's and MS Windows', and no mixer without gstreamer, not so cool. Both are bloat and really bad choices.


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                Yeah, I was a bit dubious about the gstreamer thing. Even though I've heard a lot of bad things about it, I want to make my own judgement - but when *I* decide. Don't we get a choice here?


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                  Don't get worked up over its "registry" - the file format is almost exactly the same as the old one, they just picked the names better.


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                    Now they just have to work on the icons... You too GNOME developers!