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Xfce 4.16pre1 Released As The First Step Towards This Next Desktop Update

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    Originally posted by topolinik View Post
    The same issue raises even WITH a title bar, when the devs decide that every titlebar (active/inactive) will be shown in white (I'm pointing at you, microsoft).
    No, it's not even close.

    A titlebar color is easier to configure than other parameters of a theme.

    If you change a property of a CSD theme, you can't be sure that a CSD application actually uses that property. You can experiment, but in the end one app will behave in one way, and some other app in another. It will turn into a total mess, very likely.

    Changing the titlebar, especially the active window color, can be consistently enforced on apps by your desktop environment. Consistently enforced.


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      Originally posted by 144Hz
      Sin2x Why not just leave now? Do you really think any project wants users who take random fights against “gnomification” or come up with bogus claims about consistency? CSD is a major benefit to XFCE and losing a vocal minority is not a big deal.
      Are you an Xfce developer?


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        Originally posted by 144Hz View Post
        It was a rhethorical question. I know that you are not a developer of Xfce or any other software for that matter. Therefore you have no right to claim what is a big deal for the Xfce and what is not.

        As for my aesthetical preferences - Xfce serves them well as of now, so there is no need to switch. Time will tell if that remains so, just don't presume that public opinion doesn't influence what is going to happen in that time.


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          Originally posted by 144Hz
          Obviously CSD and Headerbar Designs are the future and there’s no turning back. Consistency comes from accepting this.
          I think someone said at Microsoft thought the same thing when they introduced the Metro UI.
          Guess they turned back after all. Well, after Windows 8 and a truckload of negative feedback.

          Btw I don't really care about CSDs, because to the user are mostly an implementation detail, OTOH headerbars can be useful if used carefully, like MacOs and Windows do.

          PS: Consistency comes from accepting this. This sentence makes no sense. At all.


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            Wow, darn it, 144Hz effectively turned the thread into a flamewar again....

            2 pages of noise and counting .-.


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              I hope dual monitor features get some love:
              • ability to pin an app to a specific screen
              • ability to NOT mirror screens
              at the moment using ARANDR scripts bound to keys in XFCE