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KDE Starts September With Faster Konsole Launching, Dolphin Thumbnail Generation

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    Originally posted by pete910 View Post

    It's instant on the first run, as in when I've just switched comp on. Which is why am a little confused.
    Not everyone has of SSDs


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      Originally posted by BlastProcessing View Post
      Some nice improvements. That folder thumbnail feature of Dolphin's is so useful for quickly identifying folders visually. AFAIK no other Linux file manager has this feature, which is a shame, since in every other way I've found all of them vastly superior to windows' awful manager.
      Deepin File Manager has that feature and Xfe also to some degree (but that's one of the very few features that's not as polished in Xfe).


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        Originally posted by cl333r View Post
        Not everyone has of SSDs
        Exactly. Things like compinit checking for cache staleness do a lot of seeking.


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          Originally posted by andreano View Post
          Kwrite could really need some startup optimization – 0.8s is the fastest it will open and immediately close (with fingers ready on Ctrl+Q). If it doesn't sound like much, it is borderline irritating to use for git commits, but my muscle memory wants it for compatibility with Kate and Kdevelop, which I use for everything else.

          strace -feaccess kwrite 2>&1 | wc -l

          Yes, Kwrite is checking file permissions on 68102 paths on startup. Almost none of them exist.
          Interesting. When I do it, I get 846 (still seems like more than necessary). Have you looked at the list? Is there some file it repeatedly checks? That's strange that the difference would be so huge.

          I'm running Fedora 32, Kwrite 20.04.1, KDE 5.18.5 (kwin version, I think that's the version of the whole KDE project then?)

          I'm truly interested, please give me some more info!

          Looking at the list of files it accesses on my system, it seems that the number of fonts would affect it. Just curious, does this account for most of those 68k files?

          strace -feaccess kwrite 2>&1 | grep font | wc -l
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            Originally posted by BenjiWiebe View Post
            please give me some more info!
            Thanks for the interest! The discrepancy is nonexisting icons:

            strace -feaccess kwrite 2>&1 | grep -v /icons/hicolor/ | wc -l
            strace -feaccess kwrite 2>&1 | grep /icons/hicolor/ | grep -v "No such" | wc -l
            calc "$(strace -feaccess kwrite 2>&1 | sort -u | wc -l)/68102"
            ~0.730 # 73% unique path accesses

            KWrite 20.04.2, KDE Frameworks 5.71.0, openSUSE Tumbleweed 20200618


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              Originally posted by andreano View Post
              KWrite 20.04.2, KDE Frameworks 5.71.0, openSUSE Tumbleweed 20200618
              I get 904 and only 3 of them are icons with KWrite 20.08.0, KDE Framework 5.79.0, openSUSE Tumbleweed 20200905


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                Another App that uses QML and ignores styling -.-.