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KDE Apps Now Remember Their Window Positions When Closed & Re-Launched

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    Here's hoping they remember the position when an app crashes, too.


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      I found the headline confusingly vague, because KDE 4.x already had this in two different places:
      1. KWin's Window Rules allows you to specify "Remember" as a policy for a specific window's geometry and I think this might have been present back in the KDE 3.x series when I came to Linux back around 2002 or 2003.
      2. QWidget has had saveGeometry and restoreGeometry calls since Qt 4.2, which make it trivial for an application to remember its own window positions under a platform like X11 which allows applications to move their windows around.
      A quick glance (I have to get going) over the linked bugzilla bug suggests they're basically making the KDE application boilerplate call KConfig versions of the latter functions.

      That said, I do share the concern of the one commenter that I might have to do something like writing a bunch of Window Rules to "Position: Force: Under Mouse" to get the old behaviour back where I want it.
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        Originally posted by aufkrawall View Post
        "late" != "too late"
        "better late than never"


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          Well, Plasma 5.22.3 is out now and it's still not available for wayland.