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GNOME's Mutter Adds Support For Launching "Trusted Clients" On Wayland

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    Originally posted by uid313 View Post
    Trusted by whom?
    by compositor. did you read article?


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      Originally posted by Danny3 View Post
      I wanted to ask the same for the first question!
      so now there are two of you who are unable to read article


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        This is a non desirable situation, because an extension runs in the same main loop than the whole desktop itself, which means that a complex extension can need to do too much work inside the main loop, and freeze the whole desktop for too much time.
        maybe it's time to stop running javascript extensions in main loop?


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          Originally posted by rastersoft View Post
          I can say you that as soon as Gnome Shell 3.38 is out, a new version of DING will be out using this patch.
          Thank you !!


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            Originally posted by Volta View Post

            There's a config option in Gnome and according to its description you can dissallow applications to use the camera. On the other front the 'high level security' means nothing. You can set whatever you want, but you still have to put a tape on your camera when using Windows.
            Unfortunately I cannot stand Gnome 3, but hopefully one day KDE developers will implement something like this.

            While the webcam can be taped for the best security, the mike will still be able to record.

            I just with that in all these 20 years or so these big desktop environments like Gnome and KDE woul've make these basic privacy and security controls for both webcam and mike.

            But yeah, they had more important things to do like changing the wallpapers, icons and colors every year.


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              Can we not talk about Pakistan here?