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Thunderbird 78 Rolls Out With UI Updates, New Features

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    There's no calendar and no merged inbox (for several accounts) in Geary.
    In Evolution, it's a horrible hack to get a merged inbox. It's already a no go for me.
    Bluemail does merge inboxes on Android as well.

    It's kind of a standard feature considering many people have a "for newsletters, ads and crap" email address (hotmail/outlook) and one "for less invasive private stuff or for pro stuff" (gmail).


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      Not keen on the new layout, hopefully someone will put out a classic theme add-on for it.

      I don't subscribe to this new vogue of making interfaces for the colour blind.


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        Originally posted by Mez' View Post
        [...] without too much padding between messages.
        In the Outlook Webmail settings, you have various options to tweak the padding.

        Originally posted by Mez' View Post
        That's not the intuitive place for me. In Thunderbird, in (the pro client) Outlook, in gmail webmail, I can add a Mark as Read on the icon bar on top. Which mean I can do it for per message or per a group of selected messages. Not in Outlook webmail.
        You can configure that in the settings.

        Originally posted by Mez' View Post
        In gmail, I select spams and in one click I can "Delete forever".
        In Outlook webmail, I need 4 clicks for that (delete spams then confirm, then in the delete folder delete them AGAIN and confirm).
        I don't want to report anything, just delete entirely.
        You can configure that behavior in the settings. No need for 4 clicks if you don't want to.

        Look, I understand that you like Gmail better. I don't understand why as I dislike Gmail's interface very much, but to each their own. However, what I don't understand is why you like to spread misinformation about Outlook Webmail just because you haven't looked in the settings panel.


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          I can't configure these in the settings, that's my point. Or it's so deeply hidden I didn't see them.
          On gmail, I could find all of these easily, not on Outlook.


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            A word of warning, in this version my work's imap account was silently failing to fetch new emails so I reverted back to 68. Not worked out why yet.