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GNOME Shell + Mutter Off To A Good Start For Summer 2020

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    Originally posted by angrypie View Post

    I don't think you can get a usable desktop with less than 4GB of RAM anyway, at least not a graphical one with a Chromium-like browser or even Firefox. Disabling Javascript might work though, to some extent.

    CPU power is kinda moot if you have a moderately fast GPU. Any Intel IGP is more than capable of driving a modern composited desktop, and even a Llano APU might be grossly overspecced for such task.
    The rule of thumb which is known for ages says that you never should save money on RAM


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      Originally posted by andyprough View Post
      It's interesting how Gnome users don't even hide their disdain for anyone not running the absolute latest, fastest hardware.
      I can't agree with you. I use Fedora 32 with GNOME 3.36.3 on ancient AMD E-350 system, which came from 2011 (and even on release time it wasn't the fastest one on the market). It works better than I thought. Moreover I use another same hardware with CentOS 7 with GNOME as well. Both systems allows me to work efficiently and slowdowns are rare.