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VideoLAN Now Developing "libndi" For NDI Video Stream Handling

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  • VideoLAN Now Developing "libndi" For NDI Video Stream Handling

    Phoronix: VideoLAN Now Developing "libndi" For NDI Video Stream Handling

    If the VideoLAN project wasn't already busy enough developing the VLC media player, dav1d AV1 decoder, libbluray, x264 and numerous other open-source multimedia projects, libndi is a new library being developed for dealing with NDI (Network Device Interface) video streams...

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    I was assuming x264 development ended long ago, glad we see further enhancements going into all those projects.


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      VLC and OBS (Studio) are some of the few open source project that is truly crossplatform and simply amazing to use. Those involved are setting a high standard for libre software. Thanks for not selling out!


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        This is fantastic, the NDI protocol holds lots of promise. A couple years ago code was added in ffmpeg to build against the proprietary Newtek libraries, but the builds with it enabled were not distributable since it mixed GPL and proprietary licenses. Well too many winey windows users who can't setup a build environment to save their life caused Newtek to start handing out win32 builds of ffmpeg with NDI enable. That pissed off ffmpeg devs and the NDI code got axed.

        Hopefully the opensource library will pick up support in ffmpeg.