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Chrome Is Reaching The Point Of Good X11 + Wayland Support In Same Build

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    Originally posted by Mez' View Post
    I think you got the wrong analogy here.

    A more accurate one would be between fuel (gasoline/diesel) versus electric cars.
    X11 is traditional fuel and Wayland is electric. Electric cars are not ready, in the same way Wayland isn't. Maybe someone with a nice house on the suburbs can get an electric car and it's ready for him somehow (for a limited use)

    But for a citizen on the 5th floor of a building, he's not gonna have a cable hanging in the air to its car in the middle of the street. And I'm very skeptical of the availability of electric terminals on every parking spot.

    Also, not everyone wants to wait a couple of hours on the highway for the cars to recharge on the way to your holiday destination (it's so true that my company offers fuel cars just for holiday periods if you have opted for an electric company car).
    Finally, people won't buy a new car just because it's ready for their use case (alley/garage in the suburbs), they will wait for their next (timed or not) car change to consider the electric purchase.

    It's exactly the same thing with Wayland, it's ready in some specific use cases, but for most people it still raises questions (issues). And they won't sell their nvidia gpu just to switch (if they even know wayland exist) or change of distro (if not broken) just for wayland.

    X11 is clearly an old technology and most users would be ok to get rid of it (ditto for the fuel car), but in the meantime it has less constraints and work in more use cases, even if in an imperfect way.

    I think you're too impatient. Nvidia will get there just as the electric car might get there (if no other tech comes around before).
    But you can't ask a whole industry to go immediately for a breakthrough change, there are so many stakeholders and old platforms or apps here, these things take time. What if tomorrow, MS and Apple decide to change their whole display stack? They have limited resources, they can't adapt to each and every change straight away, in the same way traditional car manufacturers progressively offer both electric and fuel, with some faster than others. Even with the arrival of Tesla, the car market didn't completely change in a matter of 5 years.
    You can't dictate Nvidia how to write their software either, this goes both ways. It's not about forcing them, it's about you being happy on Wayland and others being happy still on X11, and when the time comes they will also be happy on wayland. If apps or DEs solve the remaining issues or constraints they have with wayland and it becomes the trend you can't miss, or the de facto standard, it will come naturally. For now, it's still at early adopters level. It's nearly there but not quite yet.

    It's ongoing and it's alright, just wait it out instead of wanting that radical change TODAY.
    Also your comparison is not so correct. Wayalnd is the electricity: a native energy. Indeed, all the other propellants operate to produce electrical energy by more steps.
    What is not ready, are the applications which linux developers don't modify for Wayland, since they prefer to stuck in X11 by XWayland that is Xorg. Wayland entails to adapt programs to Wayland. Since the latest years, Linux developers have preferred to ignore Wayland.
    The electrical energy is ready since 12 years... 12 years is not little time. End-users are the main stakeholders. The main interest of the end-user is the efficiency an operating system can deliver. So, the matter about the kind of energy concerns with development much more than end-users.
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