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LXQt 0.15 Released As First Big Update To This Lightweight Qt Desktop In A Year

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  • LXQt 0.15 Released As First Big Update To This Lightweight Qt Desktop In A Year

    Phoronix: LXQt 0.15 Released As First Big Update To This Lightweight Qt Desktop In A Year

    Friday marked the release of LXQt 0.15, the first big update to this lightweight Qt5-based desktop environment since January 2019. There comes a fair number of improvements with this desktop that was born out of the LXDE and Razor-qt initiatives...

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    I tried out the prior version a few days ago and the high dpi support was bad. I didn't found out a way for fractional scaling.


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      Lxqt is very interesting to me.


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        Originally posted by frank007 View Post
        Lxqt is very interesting to me.
        for me it was. i'd like to love it but i dont.
        so i switched from xfce to plasma. but i use pcmanfm-qt from them which is nice


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          "LXQt 0.15"
          The usual Linux coder's "shame", or just being an Asian religious-type of humility.
          This is an ALPHA version? If a BETA version, it would be LXQt 0.9x
          When I tested these ultra humble Linux versoin numbers, they seem to ready to be called FINAL RELEASE.
          In fact it is alleged that 25 creators of Linux operating systems agree with me. I have not tested nor checked these claims by Distrowatch.

          1. Manjaro Linux (2), 2. Debian (5), 3. Fedora (9), 4. openSUSE (18), 5. EndeavourOS (23), ... 23. BigLinux (196), 24. MorpheusArch Linux (206), 25. Plamo Linux (245)

          If ever any Linux organization is created, it needs standards for VERSION NUMBERS. Microsoft and other coders still do not understand this version number stuff.
          The other definition required is light, medium & heavy weight. CLI is the lightest. Then Windows Managers. In the desktop environments, there are several contenders: BODHI, LXDE, LXQt, etc.
          Very confusing to me are the claims of KDE Plasma. In independent tests, this DE seems lightweight. Perhaps by deliberate design, to also be able to be middle or heavyweight, depending on the features used?


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            I need to check out lxqt again, I thought it was inactive because I did not see updates about it. Glad to see it's still being worked on.

            I miss the days of optimizing my desktop to make it more responsive and waste less memory.

            I don't care about high dpi that much, frame-time and frame-sync are very important to me.

            Originally posted by flower View Post
            i use pcmanfm-qt from them which is nice
            Reminds me of konqueror.


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              Originally posted by Jabberwocky View Post

              Reminds me of konqueror.
              the one big plus is: no kio (i really hate that crap)


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                I really like it. The only problem I've had with it, is getting it to look pretty. Themes are (or were) fiddly, particularly if you want to use a dark theme. Dark themes are quite often a source of pain though. I did eventually get it looking nice, once I figured out the quirks. I read in a discussion, there had been improvements to one of the dark themes, which presumably will have made it into this release.

                I'd be interested to see how it compares to KDE these days. It's been years since I used KDE, but at the time, I found it clunky, ugly and unintuitive, and was baffled by the people who thought it looked pretty. But, that was a long time ago, so, perhaps it's a lot cleaner now? It's clunkiness, made me favour GNOME Classic, before I switched to LXDE, and then LXQt.


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                  Originally posted by chriswyatt View Post
                  I really like it. The only problem I've had with it, is getting it to look pretty. ...
                  I use LXQt is a version of XFCE but on Qt, it looks pretty well it depend to be honest the main problem to me is the LXQt panel (I like you can configure pretty easy),but there aren't themes to match with the kvantum themes. If you use a Kvantum theme you see great theming on Qt apps. Also is just personal opinion the LXQt panel menu seems a little slow in searching programs and just one basic looking. If someone clone the whisker menu layout on LXQt it will be pretty neat, but I just install Rofi or run the runner they had fork it from KDE.
                  Also for the main issues is not having a windows manager, yes they support like Kwin, openbox, etc... but at the end they are someway depending of the windows manager depending of you choose must be installing libraries to be run. I just use xfwm blazing fast and is not installed too much bloatware libs as kwin and better themes than openbox.
                  KDE right now is better looking and use less ram than before at boot it, but still is not snappy or fast as LXQt, it's fast but as LXQt, also something I don't like of KDE is the panel-bar that has some shadow and there is not an option to remove it on the plethora of options that has, unless you have to tweak it.


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                    Search seems fast enough to me, but they could lower the debounce delay, as it's quite noticeable. I'm not noticing a CPU spike, so most of the time seems to be the debounce delay.