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GNOME's UX Team Working On More 2020 Improvements To The Shell

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    To be fair to Mozilla, the organization gave at least two years of notices to migrate on WebExtension. Th e majority of loss of functionality for extensions are from those developers themselves unwilling to head start the transition


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      angrypie The post-CLA Ubuntu have kept GNOME patches to a minimum. Ubuntu has done a good job on improving session management as well. And helped on Debian packaging.

      Sure Canonical sucks in many ways but their resources working on GNOME and Debian are excellent.


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        As much as i recognize great work done by Marco & Daniel it doesn't seem enough to push ubuntu desktop in any direction. Including following or discussing GNOME's current direction.


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          mcqigo Why don’t you recognize the remaining part of the Canonical team that works on upstream Debian and GNOME?


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            Originally posted by bash2bash View Post
            Beyond personal preferences, the reality is that once Fedora moved to gnome3, it lost almost all of its user base overnight.
            lol, are you implying majority of fedora user base was made of you?
            Originally posted by bash2bash View Post
            I've written about this before
            it was bullshit then and it is still bullshit now


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              Originally posted by andyprough View Post
              They don't need to improve gnome. We already have Mate and XFCE. What's there to improve?
              and you already have your slackware 1.0, subj is for normal people


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                Originally posted by bash2bash View Post
                I can't say for others, but in my ultra-wide monitor, I always have multiple windows spaced around. Maximizing a single window on this monitor will blind me or make it unusable.
                you should consult with your doctor then, it wouldn't blind anyone else. nor make it unusable
                Originally posted by bash2bash View Post
                As I mentioned above, gnome3 looks like a good competitor to android
                i.e. for most popular gui platform in existence. then gnome3 does it right
                Originally posted by bash2bash View Post
                , but its not a real desktop for professional use. No desktop icons?
                no 4-color graphics from eighties?
                Originally posted by bash2bash View Post
                no real tool bars that I can view open apps?
                i'm not sure what you've done to your toolbars and why it prevents you from viewing apps
                Originally posted by bash2bash View Post
                no min/max buttons?
                i have min and max buttons. i have zero extensions.i never use min/max buttons though, it's simpler to interact with toolbar or use keyboard


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                  Originally posted by Britoid View Post

                  I don't know how I wasn't clear?

                  Ubuntu relies on Dash to Dock to create a crappy Unity-like experience.
                  If upstream GNOME removes the Dash (which isn't definite, but has been suggested), that makes Dash to Dock completely broken as it relies on the existing dash functionality.
                  What does Ubuntu do? They've unfortunately jacked another workflow onto GNOME Shell that they've made their users accustomed to.
                  I guess you meant a bearable experience from a crappy design. The Unity-like design is the best for many users out there, but your closed-mindedness will never admit that. Reading you is like seeing an ostrich with its head in its butt. You look like a goddamn "bobo" (those wealthy "supposedly" ecological aware people buried in their contradictory ideas, that want to impose their intolerance to anyone), you must be part of the dictatorship of the one-track thinking, denying any idea that doesn't fit into your narrow mind.

                  If there is no Dash-to-Dock, I'm out of Gnome and so will be half of its silent users. I have no use of that activities overview that slows down, hinders and constrains my workflow. I'm not using the app overview either. Basically what makes Gnome is completely irrelevant to me (and many others) if I want to do stuff fast and intuitively. Only extensions such as dash-to-dock, appindicators, unite, move clock and the likes can give me control on, or flexibility and snappiness to my workflow.

                  You're free to have your own workflow and be a little yes man everytime Gnome amateur designers wants to do you. But please respect others' that require something else. Some people actually know what they like or want and don't go along with everything others decide for them like submissive people.
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