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Firefox 75 Released With Flatpak Support, Wayland Improvements

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  • For me the apparent cursor lag is most noticeable when I load skype. Why skype I don't know.


    • Originally posted by MrCooper View Post

      Xorg can appear more responsive because it has a dedicated input thread, which basically does nothing but reading input events from the kernel, queuing them for the main thread and updating the HW cursor position correspondingly. So the HW cursor keeps moving more or less immediately even while the main thread is blocked.

      In contrast, Wayland compositors tend to only update the HW cursor position once for each frame they produce, consistent with the rest of the frame (so e.g. the cursor and a window being moved are always in sync, whereas with Xorg the cursor tends to be ahead of the window).

      Per above, while you clearly prefer Xorg's behaviour, it's pretty much for the opposite reason than you think.

      Pretty much the opposite: Wayland compositors could do the same thing Xorg is doing; as often when "Wayland" is accused of something like this, the Wayland protocol itself doesn't require this specific behaviour. Conversely, what Wayland compositors are doing isn't possible with Xorg (neither X compositors nor Xorg (drivers) themselves have both the knowledge and means for it).
      I can certainly accept this argument.

      However that doesn't mean I agree with you. As is, no wayland compositor is suited for desktop usage of any kind and especially not so for gaming , it's just too unbearable because of input lag. While you think it's a good thing that the only thing wayland is capable of is input lag and a bad thing that xorg isn't capable of it. I think that xorg being incapable of input lag is good and wayland only being capable of input lag is a very bad thing.