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browsers content protection ( HDCP) support

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  • browsers content protection ( HDCP) support

    opened those bugs on firefox and chromium to see if they put them hands on it.
    Actually, if you have amazon video or disney plus they give you a 480p resolution video, a shitty resolution I think and it's not worth paying for that. With intel and amd writing an open source dirver for controling the content and giving us the possibility if we want to use it, now only is needed to have support in user space tools, I mean, chromium, firefox and them content protection module that is widevine. With widevine having support for HDCP in linux we would be enabled to play any protected content at maximum resolution without problems and without industries having paranoids about piracy.

    I hope this topic raise up in the forums because 1 person can't do nothing, I am not a developper, only a linux enthusiast that have been researching a bit.
    But a little bit of pressure of all the linux community is going to be better.
    We can make linux desktop greater,

    Let's do it

    Pressure to google using bugs in firefox and chromium will be good. Michael please, wish you can do something about this.