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KDE Working On "Plasma Bigscreen" As TV Interface With AI Voice Assistant

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    Originally posted by 144Hz View Post
    Three problems.

    1) Big Screen is normally associated with cinema sized screens and not TVs.

    2) Depends on spy software tech.

    3) The project website spies on you as well.

    pretty bad start :/
    1a) Is my 50" screen/monitor regular sized?

    1b) I'm also considering a projector as my next monitor. Based on my measurements, my max size based on space would be a 110" 16:9 monitor. Ain't cinema sized, but sure as shit isn't small either.

    ?) But if one plays a lot of video games from their couch or chair...this project has potential.

    2) At least it's interchangeable....

    3) Based on uMatrix -- Phoronix spies much worse...if you're gonna complain about a website spying, talk to our admin first.


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      skeevy420 I plan to get a LG OLED CX 48 [email protected] Less Hz but worth it I guess..

      Ironically it is Qt based LOL.


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        Originally posted by 144Hz View Post
        skeevy420 I plan to get a LG OLED CX 48 [email protected] Less Hz but worth it I guess..

        Ironically it is Qt based LOL.
        Since I play games, 4K just isn't worth the move quite yet. I'm happy with 1080p60. I can tweak most any game to run a constant 60 FPS with my 580 (set to Ultra and lower the shadows and other non-essential and many time unnoticeable settings lower and it's good to go). Going beyond 1080p requires a new TV or monitor and possibly an entirely new CPUs are damn near 10 years old and modern 1080p gaming pushes them.

        I wish 2K 30-120 VFR was a standard or that VFR in general was part of the 4K/UHD standard. Needing a CFR is what makes 4K gaming on large screen TVs either really, really expensive for decent performance with settings similar to what I use at 1080p or just really expensive for 30 FPS medium.


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          The LG comes with gamer like features. Low lag and variable frame rates. So some TVs meet basic gamer requirements. I don’t game but just want a big screen with high contrast.


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            Originally posted by Tori View Post

            In the very same link, there is a whole section about the voice control which addressees some of these concerns:

            So hardly "deliberately or ignorantly hiding the truth"
            It's confusing at the very least. You and I know better, but most people don't do much effort or do not have to skill to inspect how the project works.

            People search for the term libre, follow the easy registration process, and send their data off to Google.

            Also, which part of Mycroft AI is not libre?
            Mycroft AI uses Google TTS by default. Google TTS is 3rd party proprietary API.


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              Originally posted by ms178 View Post
              To be honest I'd rather see them further optimizing their stack for lower latency, a Vulkan backend for KWin etc.
              Yeah, same here. I wish they would prioritize and do more work on Wayland, Vulkan and really nice monitor features like FreeSync, HFR (High framerate: 120 Hz, 144 Hz) and HDR.
              All these are great for movies and games and possibly also some power savings if FreeSync works correctly.


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                Danny3 Something like this?


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                  144Hz Yes, that looks great. I hope to see it in KDE one day too.