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XMMS-Inspired Audacious 4.0 Released With Move From GTK To Qt5 Toolkit

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    Originally posted by dragon321 View Post

    I don't think that having icons on menus and buttons are such a big deal but as you like. You have choice.
    I actually don't care that much about those, given that I've always used a mixed GTK2/Qt desktop.

    What I want to get rid of that gtk3-mushrooms fixes is:
    • CSDs and client-side shadows (Leave that to my Kwin or Openbox theme so I can have consistent buttons and context menu content, please.)
    • Recursive search in file choosers (I know where things I want are. I don't need it bogging down the system searching elsewhere on my multi-terabyte rotating-platter bulk-storage drives.)
    • Speech ballon-style context menus (No. I don't need that pointless "our designers are bored" indulgence.)
    • Stretched dialog buttons (Consider it an accessibility thing. My wrist already sometimes gives me warning signs.)
    • Undesired extra stuff in the Places sidebar. (If you're not going to follow KDE's lead in having a "Hide" context menu entry for default entries, then let the user add them if desired.)
    • Lack of color icons in the Places sidebar (Distinctive silhouettes are all well and good but, we people with normal color vision use color as a way to identify things more quickly.)
    • No backdrop CSS. (Again, let my compositor handle deciding how inactive windows should look.)
    • Oversized status bars. (GNOME has always had an unhealthy obsession with wastefully bloated visual design. Even back before I started relying on Lubuntu's custom theme, I had to seek out a hacked theme named Clearlooks-Compact.)
    • No auto-hiding scrollbars. (For the same reason that I have three monitors rather than three times as many virtual desktops, I prefer to be able to glance at my scrollbar position without hovering on it first.)
    • Recent files as default in Open/Save dialogs. (I *never* used that damn thing. Just give me the current working directory as default like everyone else.)
    • Delay before showing mnemonics when holding Alt. (Half the reason I turn off animations is that they slow me down.)
    • Default adwaita being too bulky (Like I said, I've always sought out more Qt/Windows-like amounts of padding.)
    • Bad label-wrapping
    • Accessibility-related stderr clutter


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      Unapproved in aisle X. Michael to aisle X.


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        Originally posted by dragon321 View Post
        It's mostly outdated. As you can read: "The most common criticism of GTK is the lack of backward-compatibility in major updates". This is currently not in case anymore since version 3.22 released in 2016. GTK3 isn't changing now.
        GTK4 is around the corner and will break everything again. GTK devs also announced that they'll move to a faster development pace. GTK5 will come comparatively soon after GTK4: They've announced that there will be new major versions of GTK – that means broken compatibility – every two to three years after GTK 4.0 comes out.