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KDE Developers Still Managing Interesting Improvements Amid The World Happenings

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    With the moving of the workforce from geographical places to online, this should boost all coding work, planet-wise. More ZOOM, SKYPE conferencing, etc. Lower costs in time, travel, time zones, etc.
    The other major issue that KDE needs to solve, quickly. There is so much power and flexibility in KDE, that most users can shoot and annihilate their work. KDE desperately needs multiple UNDO, and RESTORE_DEFAULT.
    Early users of the old versions of KDE can now rest, knowing that the previous incompatibilities are gone. However the rude & crude display architecture is not human-friendly. No soft fuzzy curves & subtleties.
    KDE unlike other environments, is trying to be able to be lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight, using the same bare architecture. IMHO it succeeds this well. However the environments that are specialised to their weight classes are usually better than this over-flexible multi-tool. The specialised alternatives to GNOME-2 suit myself better: MATE & Cinnamon. GNOME-3, Bodhi, etc are too rapidly changing & unpredictable. XFCE is lightweight, usable & reliable.
    Some environments (KDE, GNOME, ... ) try to incorporate add-ons and extensions. I prefer specialised third party applications, such as GKREL, Docky, Plank, Cairo Dock, Onboard, etc.
    KDE, GNOME etc try to outdo existing Linux applications. Luckily KPART no longer is so loyally bundled, instead of the much better GPARTED. Many other KDE specialised applications should also no longer be developed IMHO.