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System76 May Offer AMD Ryzen Laptops When They Begin Their Own Manufacturing

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    Originally posted by vladimir86 View Post
    In one way, I am glad they make that. However, I have been snooping around about their laptops and so far all of them have been "thin and ultralight". Just LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE.

    I'll be actually excited if they move into filling that hole no other company does right now: An actually useful laptop for professionals, not only students. Something that instead of chasing thin and light goes for bigger battery, good thermal dissipation, plenty of ports and sturdiness. Basically, a "modern", AMD based and preferibly with a nice numpad Thinkpad T60. I'll totally buy that!
    Plus water/spill resistant keyboard,... and, without numpad (for me). Also, Ryzen 4x00U (or 5x00U) configured to 25 cTDP, with USB4 for eGPU, would be a very tempting laptop.