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Chrome 80 Against Firefox 74/75 Performance On Linux

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  • Chrome 80 Against Firefox 74/75 Performance On Linux

    Phoronix: Chrome 80 Against Firefox 74/75 Performance On Linux

    Complementing the Firefox 73 vs. 74 vs. 75 Beta benchmarks on Ubuntu Linux from AMD Ryzen this week, here are those numbers side-by-side with the Google Chrome 80 web-browser for putting the performance into more perspective...

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    No way! We actually won some! Go, you little furry graphically misrepresented animal, go!


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      The only race that matters for me at the moment is when my browser is feature complete on Wayland and Firefox works quite good now (except for copy&paste and scaling probably due to Gtk issues).
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        Chrome 80 has the same issue with Firefox WebRender-enabled for the CanvasMark benchmark with it actually hurting the performance when using AMD Radeon graphics on Linux. The Intel Linux driver illustrates better performance normally with Chrome and Firefox WebRender for this graphics heavy test. The MotionMark test was also failing with Chrome, similar to Firefox WR.
        Sigh. Yeah 2020, Linux still has major teething issues in regard to 2D performance. That's just horrible.


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          How did you enabled webrender? Afaik you should enable gfx.webrender.all gfx.webrender.enabled gfx.webrender.compositor in about:config page to enable all webrender features


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            Originally posted by birdie View Post

            Sigh. Yeah 2020, Linux still has major teething issues in regard to 2D performance. That's just horrible.
            In comparison to Windows problems it's nothing.


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              If Mozilla weren't so greedy and busy to add data collection features and nagging people about them, maybe they would've had more time to work on performance which really matters.


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                Not caring about their performance difference enough to switch.
                Firefox does a good enough job for me. I'd rather take the small performance hit than get more Google infestations than I already have.
                Some infestations are worse than others...


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                  Mozilla's own Kraken benchmark has a slight advantage for Firefox still over Chrome.
                  You don't say

                  On a serious note, could you add some formatting spaces between your Comments on the benchmark results and the Title Header on the next benchmark results. It looks like you are commenting on what's to come and not on what was just benchmarked.

                  I feel icky posting this from Firefox.....on Windows.


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                    I made a screenshot to better describe that formatting issue I'm seeing.

                    The red circle is what appears to belong together, but doesn't.
                    The blue circle is what actually belongs together, but appears separate.
                    The green wavy line is unnecessary padding that decreases legibility and causes the issue.
                    The purple wavy line is where that padding should be to increase legibility.

                    My one and only trade school certification is layout and design.