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Shortwave Sees First Stable Release As GNOME Internet Radio Player

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    Originally posted by skeevy420 View Post

    But not old enough to remember listening to a radio to make physical mix tapes.
    Older than that. I'm old enough to remember recording cassettes by holding the tape recorder next to the stereo speakers while we played an album or an 8-track. Recording your radio output directly was fancy, high tech stuff.


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      Michael to increase the "clickbaitly" of the tittle, you should add that this new application is made with Rust


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        Originally posted by ehansin View Post
        Does anyone know if there is a "canonical" free database of internet streaming radio/audio stations out there? I like that it has a database of 25,000 stations, but the only thing I could find online was a CSV list of 25,000 stations that is being sold for $298.00. Would be cool if there was an "open" database for something like this.
        What's wrong with this community radio browser that is used by Shortwave ?

        Free for ALL!
        Everyone can use this station board in their software freely. Just have a look at the API documentation.
        Everyone is free to use the collected data (station names, tags, links to stream, links to homepages, language, country, state) in their works.
        I give all the rights I have at the accumulated data to the public domain.
        A daily backup of the MariaDB tables is at and latest.


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          Originally posted by andyprough View Post
          And they are advertising it for use on Linux-based smart phones.
          At least the Gnome style crippled UI and lack of a tray icon/background option makes sense on phones. But apart from that I like it, already found some new stations for special kinds of music


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            Originally posted by CanalGuada View Post

            What's wrong with this community radio browser that is used by Shortwave ?
            Nothing, that is what I was looking for! Sorry if I could have done a better job figuring out what they used. But, seriously, that is it - thanks!!