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Benchmarks Of Firefox 74 + Firefox 75 Beta On Linux

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    Originally posted by Zan Lynx View Post

    For me, Firefox is quite fast enough. I run it with NoScript and keep most of the advertising from running. Most things, even heavy Javascript apps, respond instantly. Or fast enough that I don't notice the delay.

    What do I care if Chrome can finish a benchmark slightly faster? I can't tell the difference.
    Same here.

    What I care about and makes Chrome a second class citizen for me:

    - Tabs on bottom: can still be hacked in Firefox, impossible in Chrome. I really can't use a browser properly with tabs on top

    - RAM use : While Chrome uses less RAM with few tabs, Firefox absolutely destroys Chrome starting from 10 tabs open, and I have around 200

    - lately Chrome has imposed some weird colored group tabs, in purple as default. It's absolutely random on which geoup and color a link opens. It's not easy to deactivate and it deactivates groups altogether (not just those ugly colors). It's an absolute pain in the arse

    - On all new opened tabs, Chrome has decided to force the favourite bars on users (although I have none in Chrome, it's just a backup browser)

    - Easier to prevent all videos from playing automatically in Firefox


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      I am not really interested in those benchmarks that were formerly designed to highlight the strength of webkit but clearly at Mozilla they won't be able to squeeze up more performance from their javascript engines better they focus on regression and others areas.


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        I ditched Chrome last week and am using Firefox now.
        1. Chrome was slowing down my machine, I keep lots of open tabs, WhatsApp Web alone was eating almost a gigabyte of RAM and somehow having github pages opened was causing huge spikes in CPU usage;
        2. I had recently heard about the new containers in Firefox and their push for DNS over HTTPS and was interested in trying them out.

        So far, Firefox seems faster after lots of tabs opened for many days (I also never restart my Linux laptop), mem usage seems lower and in the end it is working faster.

        Also, containers are super, especially if you have a few Google accounts that you need not only for GMail but also G Suite, GCP, etc. Very innovative!

        I think we should all give Firefox a chance, their browser is top notch.


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          Originally posted by enigmaxg2 View Post
          For now, looks like the same cr*p, again... hoping for MS Edge to come to Linux to replace the LazyFox... privacy is nice, but performance is crucial.

          Wonder how long they will be playing the privacy card while not improving anything else... hint: is hurting them...
          Why not brave? they are very privacy-focused and their adblock written in rust beats anything else: