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GNOME 3.36 Set To Be Released Today With Ongoing Wayland + Performance Improvements

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    Originally posted by browseria View Post

    Now I need Astronomy Missiles


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      That's the sort of thing I was talking about: GPG support has been "started" but is nowhere near being actually usable and it doesn't support TLS certificate-based authentication. But on the upside, I'm sure it supports Emojis and integrates Instagram very well </sarcasm>


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        Originally posted by JeansenVaars View Post
        Evolution... gnome music... gosh.. people still live in the past apparently. Are you still using CD burners too? guess the only -barely- justifiable app is now video players, even though online streaming is clearly taking over weird GBs of offline movies..

        the cloud has taken over. get over it. also, even if you are a privacy crazy person, and you still have "large" collections of MP3 and weird old-school mail protocols, then lucky you, because reality is, most enterprise uses Office's exchange, teams, skype, slack and all other sorts of communication systems that are commercial... and for music, what's wrong with Spotify? it's cheap and it works offline.

        So, guess that 95% population of linux (which clearly is not phoronix readers and of which is just 5% of total desktop users) won't care about gnome music, geary or evolution anyways. Mass consumers go for netflix, steam, spotify and they want good ol' office (web if linux) and gmail. The developers I know access everything through a corporate browser and using stable compatible clients.

        I personally prefer a bloat-less distro that works with commercial protocols so I can get on with my life
        Yes I live in the past. I use a computer, not a dumb client locked-down Apple-style. I listen to MY music, not Spotify's music, wherever I want whenever I want on whichever device I want without involving any untrusted 3rd party and without having to pay "subscription" (=ransomware) every month to keep listening to the same stuff. I watch MY movies (not Amazon's movies or Netflix's movies). Some corporates may be crazy enough to hand the keys to the house to Microsoft, send each and every of their documents and emails including sensitive information to an overseas, unaccountable firm and expose themselves to infinite and potentially terminal security, liability and extortion issues, but even Office365 is compatible with email protocols which I can use without involving anyone else. Thank you very much.


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          In the end of the day, all that mattered to me is that I can't play Doom with Gnome. Seems like ctrl+alt+arrow keys change the desktop workspace, so it sucks when you are mid fight, try to strafe to avoid a projectile and find unexpectedly staring at your wallpaper with the sounds of a dying doomguy coming out of the speakers.