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Nomad Compiz++ To Merge Back Into Compiz

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    Originally posted by superppl View Post
    I love eye candy. It puts stress on my system, and makes games run slower, but you have to admit that nothing else can compete.
    It shouldn't be doing that. The idea of having hardware accelerated compositing is to offload some of the burden on your CPU to the GPU. I find that as long as I have RenderAccel enabled in my video driver and vsync enabled in compiz, I can watch unaccelerated video (f**k Adobe for not enabling hardware accelerated flash for my card) in full-screen without a hint of choppiness, which is something I could never do without compositing enabled.


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      I can both watch video and play games with Compiz enabled.

      I really enjoy the convenience of nvidia


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        No it shouldn't, not unless if you have tons of eye candy enabled.
        But with just compositing alone, minus demanding eye candy, it does save you system a lot of stress.