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MyPaint 2.0 Released With New Features For Open-Source Drawing/Painting

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    Originally posted by 144Hz
    Awesomeness Not correct.

    The default desktop has a large team of active developers. Some hired by Canonical.
    The default troll has a large pool of propaganda.


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      Originally posted by 144Hz View Post
      I ask what is the plan on Debian.
      The plan is to package 2.0:
      It should be in unstable soon (and testing shortly thereafter) if all goes well.

      The Debian version seem stale.
      Recently, the 1.2.x mypaint package was removed from testing because of changes with python2 packages
      Rather than trying to slap band-aids on the 1.2.x package, the maintainer has chosen to wait for the release of mypaint 2.0 and libmypaint2.

      Debian stable has 1.2.0 (plus important fixes from 1.2.1)

      I'm not sure how you could call that stale unless you either don't understand how Debian works or are being extremely impatient with the packaging of 2.0


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        Originally posted by angrypie View Post
        What happened to Pinta? Language controversies aside, it was a pretty good painting program.

        I also miss Banshee. Seems like C# is a death sentence for projects not affiliated to Microsoft.
        I like C# a lot, it is a great language on a great platform.
        It requires a runtime to be installed though. Microsoft is investing a lot into it and Mono keeps developing. So it is rather well supported on Linux.
        Mono is a Linux implementation of the .NET Framework, but now there is .NET Core which is the new generation of .NET Framework that replaces the legacy .NET Framework so applications that target Mono and .NET Framework should get ported to .NET Core which is cross-platform.

        Pinta seems to be almost dead, I saw on GitHub that it still have commits, but only very few.


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          Originally posted by pkese View Post
          I find it quite funny that a paint & graphics app wouldn't have even one single screenshot of the app on its official landing page: [URL=""]
          There is one under 'About'. ;-)


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            Originally posted by SpyroRyder View Post

            Mono was always its own little thing that was C# but not the C# you were using in your job or in your training program. Coupled with gtk#3 stalling in development, the gnome project taking some tools under its own banner and Xamarin retooling mono for its focus on mobile, the Linux scene mostly died. I kinda wish it was still a viable option for a large project cause it'd be awesome to put my C# knowledge to use
            If that would be true for a good amount of people we would have many or at least some really great mono apps. Most people that decided to get a proprietary software windows only focused job will either not want to participate on the linux community or are not able to write good programs.

            I also don't think that C# knowledge is not very useful knowledge, python even in Windows now dominates all other languages so the benefit to support this stupid language is not worth the effort. It's also no "good" language it's pretty garbage I don't think that python is a good language but c# is even worse.


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              DanL Thanks. Very encouraging.


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                Originally posted by pkese View Post
                I find it quite funny that a paint & graphics app wouldn't have even one single screenshot of the app on its official landing page:

                TBH, Gimp doesn't either, but at least their page reflects what it is about:
                Neither has Krita. And Photshop's page only has bits of the overall window, as well as pictures of the mobile version.



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                  > simplicity-minded

                  How does it compare to Kolourpaint?


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                    Originally posted by andreano View Post
                    > simplicity-minded

                    How does it compare to Kolourpaint?
                    It is compared to Krita (more on this like digital painting) and maybe GIMP.
                    E.g. GIMP need the mypaint libs (libmypaint-1.4.0) and Inkscape need the GIMP extensions for it (inkscape-extensions-gimp).