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KDE Plasma 5.18 LTS Released After A Lot Of Polishing, New Features

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    Originally posted by bug77 View Post

    Yeah, well, Michael Bay doesn't work for KDE. Not even (pardon the expression) Uwe Boll.
    I had already blocked those two from my mind, now you had to bring back all of those repressed memories...


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      If you are running Neon you have already got it in the repos.

      Even better than 5.17.x so far.


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        Just for the record, focal currently has plasma-desktop/focal 4:5.17.90-0ubuntu3 amd64 (is this how kde folks mark pre-releases?)


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          Originally posted by bug77 View Post

          Now you're beginning to sound like 144Hz. It may be the best DE for you and me, but that doesn't make it better for everybody.
          At least you're not posting this in every Gnome thread
          It is a counter-troll. A parody of the troll.

          It even was capable of getting the troll frustrated:

          Originally posted by 144Hz View Post
          240Hz Sigh. It’s a special session to bring up the extensions, themes and so on.


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            Yeah kubuntu will definitely get plasma 5.18 before its final release. If I've understood correctly the developers had already communicated this some time ago that's why they started using the 5.17.90 releases from way too early (I don't remember them ever to use a beta release so many months before the official release before). The only drawback is that they still use qt 5.12 (I suspect because even debian unstable is using it and everything in the repositories is built against it) and not the latest qt 5.14 which has some great hidpi advantages. Nevertheless, Kubuntu 18.04 will probably be the best choice for me to recommend for friends and family.


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              I am using it on openSUSE Leap 15 (additional KDE repositories) and it works very well, but the thing that impressed me is the speed, it seems to be much faster on my pc, for example the opening of Dolphin is instantaneous, etc. I like it !


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                Originally posted by M@GOid View Post

                Kubuntu 18.04 is using KDE Plasma 5.12 LTS. Kubuntu 20.04 is already using Plasma 5.18 LTS. You are just spreading misinformation.
                My fault. I'm remembering wrong. The last time I really, really looked into it was almost a year ago and I might be remembering the .10 releases...those really are a fustercluck in regards to the KDE and QT versions used...

                At least it isn't intentional misinformation.


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                  Originally posted by aufkrawall View Post
                  Stop spreading bullshit, they have always put efforts into making the difference between Qt and GTK programs as little as possible.

                  But too bad the compositor fixes didn't make it into 5.18. There is still no alternative to kwin-lowlatency.
                  Those don't actually make a huge difference anyways. Roman did such a good job with the optimizations Kwin is extremely fast as it is. I honestly see next to no difference in speed with Kwin-lowlatency now.


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                    Originally posted by chocolate View Post
                    So that video is official?! That it was decided to put a stinky bug walking on a filthy keyboard, with actual grime under the keys, as an opening shot... is quite appalling.
                    No, infact they extended the Plasma 5.18 Video competition deadline so that a better video can be made. This was just something a contributor made. I agree it's quite bad.


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                      Originally posted by tildearrow View Post

                      Please wait, please wait, please wait. They changed a lot of things in 5.18 and there was a fair amount of refactoring around the client code in order to separate the X11 and Wayland codebases...

                      Plus I did not have time at all because I have been doing so many other things that I still need to test if KWin-lowlatency 5.18 even runs (I only got it to compile)...

                      So, please wait.
                      I hope it ends up making a difference. I'm worried though also kind of happy that Kwin-latency may be at the end of it's days due to roman's optimizations to kwin.