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GNOME Shell + Mutter See Big Last Minute Improvements With The GNOME 3.36 Beta

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    Originally posted by uid313 View Post
    I look forward to GNOME 3.36!
    I hope it includes improvements to GNOME Builder (such as newer Python + GTK templates, with better Meson, Flatpak and Snap support).
    I would also like to see improvements to gitg (a GTK client for Git) which seems very promising.
    Something I miss in gedit is support for multiple cursors.

    I used to like Rhythmbox but it seems like it is not getting any development and it starts to fall behind, so maybe it is good to throw it out and throw in GNOME Music instead. Unless Rhythmbox were to get an upswing in development.

    I would also like to see Glade (the GTK user interface builder) get some love to output better XML. Though I find the GtkBuilder XML a bit tricky to work with when hand-editing XML files, I wonder if it got any better with GTK 4.
    I think the UI Builder stuff has gradually been moved into GNOME Builder.


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      Originally posted by TemplarGR View Post

      Actually, this paradigm is one of GNOME's selling points and strengths. Hitting super and pressing 2-3 keys to find any app you want and open it afterwards with a single click is far more efficient than any old style menu/submenu hierarchy. Any often used app can be pinned on a bar and for the rest you just need to vaguely remember its name or its function.
      Not everyone likes to use keyboard for launching applications. However, there's ability to group programs, so Gnome launcher is more usable than before.

      The main issue with GNOME is that it is not efficient if you need to work with many windows and switch focus often between them. It needs a proper autohidden taskbar in my opinion.
      That would be very cool. They also need to fix performance and mouse lag in games under Wayland session.


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        But a decent multi monitor support is not even an option anymore?


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          Originally posted by Shiba View Post
          Geary over Evolution? Is this an April fools joke?
          Yeah I was wondering about that too. Admittedly I haven't kept track of Geary so I don't know if they are feature par. Then again, I could never make Evolution do client certification authentication so have been using Thunderbird or a web interface.


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            brent You are asking for more review capacity. Vanvugt is not delivering that. He doesn’t even get his MRs reviewed internally at his downstream.

            You ask for maintainers to comment on RFC MRs. Vanvugt refuse to use the RFC label.

            In fact all other maintainers and devs showed up at the latest mutter hackfest. Fleshing out the big plans and landed some massive MRs. Vanvugt didn’t show up.

            Sorry but this is very much a quid pro quo thing. And why are you complaining? It’s not like vanvugt is complaining.


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              Perf MR landed now.

              Makes perfectly sense that the maintainers landed as much UI and API changing stuff before the beta release. Now they have time for fixes and perf.


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                Do all gnome haters come out and use this update as opportunity to write their usual 5 year old arguments again here? good
                How about you just use your KDE and fine, I don't like KDE too, but I don't write under each KDE or Plasma or whatever you wanna call it why it sucks so much. I think it's envy that it's the default desktop for fedora / Redhat / Debian and Ubuntu and several others, and they aren't.

                About the news, I really like that they have seperate workspaces for differenent monitors I at least thought the lack of that was very bad since gnome 3.10 or so which is I guess was 6.5 years ago. It makes zero sense to not have this if you use gnome with more than 1 Monitor.

                About the Discussion about Desktop methaphor, I am very thankful of gnome shell opening my eyes that the traditional Desktop metaphor sucked and for me it was then not good enough and I went on to well you can call them tiling wms you could also say programmable / configurable wms.


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                  Originally posted by frank007 View Post

                  The desktop icons add a layer to the background of the desktop enronvinment. The Gtk3 libs are slow, and that layer slow them down further. Wayland make thing worse.
                  Thank you for the answer. If that is truly the reason, then I agree in principle with 240Hz (though I wouldn't be quite as incendiary. I'm not out to insult the entire Gnome project and its personnel, even if I disagree with several of their decisions). I'm also appalled at the idea that a Linux DE would lose functionality even Bill Gates could pull off on an original IBM PC in the 80s because its 'too slow' on modern systems.

                  That said, is this truly the case? Budgie is Gtk3-based, and it has icons and performance at the same time.


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                    Originally posted by kaprikawn View Post
                    I really haven't found a music player I like for Linux, I just have to use MediaMonkey on Windows. I've seriously considered coding my own.
                    Try Quod Libet.
                    Also beets for mass import/management.
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                      blackiwid the only good thing about Gnome 3 is because of this now we have Cinnamon, Pantheon, Budgie, Deepin Desktop and the resurrection of Unity.