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Firefox 72 vs. Chrome 80 Browser Performance On Ubuntu Linux With AMD Ryzen

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    Originally posted by theriddick View Post
    I have been using Firefox lately as my main driver, got it setup nicely, but I can certainly notice the performance issues compared to Vivaldi/Brave (chromium based, no spyware) browsers. Certain content can have this tearing/gittery movement when scrolling while chromium based browsers don't, there are also other small things here and there.

    For the moment anyway, I'll continue supporting the underdog, whats really needed is a vulkan based window manager with vulkan based browser acceleration. That be the golden ticket! OGL 2/3.1 is just too fat and old.
    No, what it needs is the promised optimization and get the overall focus that it deserves, the one for which several addons and customization options died for. While Vulkan is a logical step, we shouldn't rely on it to level the playing field... what will happen when Chromium does the same? it will be light years ahead of Firefox... again.

    Privacy is a nice plus, but we also need a highly performant browser.

    Edge chromium coming to Linux will be the last nail in the coffin for Firefox if Mozilla doesn't act quickly.


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      found this on HN this morning: Chrome 80 Is 30% Slower Than Chrome 75


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        If you don't mind advertisements, Chrome.

        But since Google Chrome is dropping, or has dropped some ad filters, Firefox or SeaMonkey.


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          Originally posted by treba View Post
          - experimental HW video decoding (74/75
          I just got a ThinkPad w Quadro graphics, so I'm basically screwed for VA-API support :-(