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LibreOffice 7.0 Is The Version Now In Development With Its Skia + Vulkan Support

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    Originally posted by Vistaus View Post
    Btw, since this is Phoronix, I expected at least one person to infiltrate this thread to tell us all about how LaTeX beats any office suite. But nobody did lol

    (never used LaTeX myself, looks too complex to me)
    Ok, let's pretend you did not point me to it but I wanted to convert everyone to write LaTeX all along.

    For documents intended for paper or PDF, LyX is a very nice and simple editor. LyX is like a wrapper to the LaTeX language, making it easy to write documents mostly without knowing LaTeX. Just don't rely on it for complex tables or hundreds of big pictures in one document.
    For quick stuff like that yearly letter to the tax collection office it is perfect (when choosing or creating an appropriate template for letters once).
    For writing a thesis on the other hand, I chose plain LaTeX.

    One thing where Microsoft Office is just unsurpassed, is how good slideshow presentations can be created in Powerpoint. The time-spent vs. quality of the result and the amount of features to make a presentation asthetically pleasing to viewers is great. On the other hand presentations made with LibreOffice look like billboards from the 1960s.

    If anyone knows a good email client which feels like Outlook and which has a clean UI look and big buttons for the most used functions (move, delete, spam, reply, add attachment), let me know. No, thunderbird doesn't have big buttons, my father disapproves.


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      For what I remember from 200X when was introduced MS Office ribbon what I heard not so pleasant surprise and was annoying, at least at first contact with new the UI.
      And also seem to be a patent problem for this, also here


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        Originally posted by JeansenVaars View Post
        Libre is sooo behind office. Its sad but I wish Libre got the resources it requires to make it competitive. There's not a slight chance it can compete with ms word or power point, lack of features, templates and even this decade's appearance.
        Stopped reading, here: '...this decade's appearance.' --- Most people know, what I mean.


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          Originally posted by nuetzel View Post

          Stopped reading, here: '...this decade's appearance.' --- Most people know, what I mean.


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            Originally posted by Danny3 View Post
            I hope they will not start the rapid pace version crap like Chome and Firefox.
            And I hope the Vulkan code will work good on both Windows 7 and Linux.
            I'm now curios how good is the KDE Plasma integration, have they improved anything in this area ?
            Plasma integration is great already in 6.4.0 - unfortunately many distros don't build it properly and think the gtk stuff is good enough for Plasma users (that includes even KDE focused spins of otherwise GNOME focused distros that keep the same libreoffice packages as their upstreams).

            OpenMandriva 4.1 has full plasma integration enabled (and its libreoffice packages don't even require gtk at all).