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KDE Devs Fix Several Wayland Bugs, Annoying KWin Issues Plus Easier To Toggle Night Color

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    Originally posted by jo-erlend View Post

    Do you think that also applies to drivers and remote desktop functionality?
    I am sure that where it makes sense they are submitting driver bugs - I know the kwin team have done so in the past.

    As for remote desktop, I do not know - I rarely need it so I have not yet looked into it

    Edit: having just looked into it, it appears that remote screen sharing in Plasma on Wayland should work (using pipewire). not sure how one would go about using it though
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      Originally posted by Steffo View Post
      I've never said that, but the tendency with wayland is that every desktop has its own wayland compositor. We've never had this tendency with X.
      Huh? So on X you aren't using a compositor? What do you think Kwin is? And Mutter for GNOME?

      These projects always had a compositor, they are just adapting it to speak wayland protocol instead of Xorg's X11.


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        Originally posted by Steffo View Post
        I'm using KDE right now. When I see how much crashes and bugs gets fixed, KDE seems to be pretty buggy and gets matured after many years after a major release. I experienced this in 4.x and now 5.x.
        I would like to see a bigger company supporting KDE. It could be a much better desktop if they have the resources for quality control.
        Maybe they could use Mir for wayland support instead that every desktop has to invent their own wheel? It's like every desktop would invent their own X-Server, isn't it?
        Do you remember what Gnome Shell was like a few years ago? You know they have had memory leaks for years, solved only in the latest releases. Free software works like this, it's free, but we must all help make it better and we can do it ourselves by reporting bugs. No need to complain ... obviously the more features there are, the more bugs there can be. Normally DE are tested with the default settings and if you use those you will hardly have big problems. I have been using Plasma 5 for 3 years and I am comfortable, but I have also used Unity and Gnome Shell, no DE has been free from bugs, but if you use the default settings, rare bugs.


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          Originally posted by Charlie68 View Post

          Instead of sleeping or complaining, it would be more beneficial in the meantime to help develop in Wayland.
          Yeah sure, I'm doing nothing useful in this world and never helped with anything KDE related.
          Seriously, stop it …


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            Originally posted by [email protected] View Post

            Weird, I never got annoyed with the lack of a primary display. Don't notifications pop where the notification area is? Or on the display that's currently being used? If not, I guess that's not a primary display issue you're encountering, it feels like a strawman (or XY problem).
            It depends on what you're doing. The argument that the KDE devs give is that shouldn't be a necessity for primary display support, which I understand, but it just doesn't reflect reality.
            There will always be a preferred screen. e.g. if you plug a beamer into your laptop to show a presentation, you don't want to pop the taskbar around randomly, you want to define that it stays on your laptop screen.
            But this is what happens, if your screen layout changes, your taskbar might move to a different screen.

            There are also some apps that make use of the primary screen, sometimes when they shouldn't. e.g. the application dashboard (which I use because I like it) will pop up on the primary screen, even if the widget you started it from is on a different one.
            Sure, that's a bug for that specific widget, but it existed for many years in this state, unfortunately.

            Doesn't have to be called primary screen, might also be "preferred" screen. But right now, if you're a multi-monitor user, you will run into problems every now and then with Plasma Wayland, unfortunately.


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              Originally posted by ALRBP View Post
              "- A new system tray applet for controlling the night color feature beginning with Plasma 5.18."
              Good news for me. I use night color all time, except when watching a movie. That would make switching easier.

              I still wonder what is the exact current stage of Wayland.
              A keyboard shortcut would be faster here.

              And great seeing that monitor plug bug being squashed. It's about the only thing I have noticed crashing my VM altogether.