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Google Chrome To Begin Marking Sites That Are Slow / Fast

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  • Google Chrome To Begin Marking Sites That Are Slow / Fast

    Phoronix: Google Chrome To Begin Marking Sites That Are Slow / Fast

    Chrome has successfully shamed web-sites not supporting HTTPS and now they are looking to call-out websites that do not typically load fast...

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    This is a very bad decision by Google!
    It is a form of discrimination.

    Furthermore, websites that have ads take so long to load anyway because even their very own ad servers just are so overloaded...

    Yes, most of the load time comes from ads. Phoronix takes less than 1 second to load without the ads, and up to over a minute with the ads.
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      Hmmm..., like Google maps, Google drive, Gmail, Youtube, Google news, Google image search, etc etc?


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        As much as contemporary bloated website annoy me, I don't really like the idea of Google becoming the gatekeepers of the internet.

        I'm not sure that telling people that a slow website is slow is really that helpful anyway, I'm sure they noticed.


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          Great method to foce hosting sites to pay for a ransom. Google has become creative recently.


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            "Be fast, implement Google Amp! Use ads from our whitelist of ad purveyors to ensure fast load time and ad revenue.
            Host your site on the Google CDN for the best performance."

            I'm pretty sure none of the above has passed through the heads of Google management.


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              On one hand bloated sites are a PITA. OTOH I'm not sure I want a multi billion company to be arbiter of that, especially as it has potential conflicts of interests on that topic.


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                Strange because when you use an ad-blocker websites tend to load pretty fast...


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                  Terrible idea, why do we have to put up with sides that load half way with placeholders and then load the real content later in a slower fashion? Because that boosts page load time algorythms. So this will just encourage bad behavior and discriminate sites on speed rather then usefulness.


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                    Google will say that my website is slow ? How dare they say ? I dont want anybody to know that my website is very slow. It's my little secret.