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Google Chrome To Begin Marking Sites That Are Slow / Fast

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    Originally posted by atomsymbol View Post
    "Further along, we may expand this to include identifying when a page is likely to be slow for a user based on their device and network conditions."
    That can be pre-computed pretty easily as well.
    If a website requires the user to login, Google cannot by definition perform their own analysis of the website. If they did such an analysis, it would mean that they are leaking the username and password from Google Chrome's list of saved passwords.
    I'm not sure Google ever said they want to use this to scan sites their GoogleBots would not be allowed access to, I have some doubts about how much this would be legal at all.

    Because afaik many places and forums that are otherwise login-only still allow GoogleBot in to scan and index the site (of course with read-only access)


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      Looks like the big brother to me. It would give too much power at Chrome about internet.

      Personally dislike.


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        > Google can already topple nations at the tip of a hat. See: Public Television's _Frontline_ episode 3805 In the Age of AI (2 hours) An anti-social website I will call frakbook experimented on the public to influence US elections. (very rough paraphrase, their exact wording forgotten) Why are hoodyboy and friends not in prison? > slow Internet connection Google would of course suggest getting Google Fiber. I suspect that the 3 or 4 households in Kansas City that actually managed to get GF before G decided that digging trenches was too much like work and canceled expanding the system actually have fast and reliable connection, at the cost of G seeing every single packet that goes in or out of your system, instead of merely almost everything. [ I assume that this website will mangle the formatting of this posting. It did not used to mangle text. Something on the website is broken and I cannot fix it. Sorry. ]