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Darktable 3.0 Approaching With Many New Features

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    Originally posted by MadeUpName View Post
    This is good news. I look forward to trying it out. I was hoping that libraw would have their fall release out in time for this so we would get .CR3 file support but I guess that isn't to be. Maybe for 3.1.
    I just checked libraw released a snap shot 4 days ago that finally does contain support for CR3 files so we are getting closer to being able to use linux editors like Darktable with modern Canon cameras again. It will be soooo good to not have to spin up a windows VM move my CR3 files there, run Adobes DNG converter and then move the resulting files onto my main storage before I can start to work on them. It has really been harshing my work flow.


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      Originally posted by Tuxee View Post
      Loading next or previous images takes no time, even with my 35 MP raws. But I do have them on an NVMe SSD.
      For Adobe users, this is a huge thing. Last I checked, going backward in a large collection can take a very long time, even when going forward is still quick.