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Firefox 70 Linux Performance, Firefox 70 vs. Chrome 78 Benchmarks

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    Originally posted by Hibbelharry View Post
    The fun part: The measured difference can't be seen on most websites. These benchmarks are all quite synthetic and Firefox does not perform as worse as you might guess when seeing just those diagrams.
    That's not been my experience. Firefox, at least on Linux, performs dramatically, noticeably worse in ordinary browsing when compared to Chromium. Yes, some things are the same, but as soon as some challenging CSS on some blog shows up, Chrome is scrolling at your display's refresh rate, and Firefox is missing frames.

    And on top of this, decade old Gecko bugs I was dealing with when I started web development as a tween are still present today. Chrome is generally much better in terms of meaningful standards compliance, and overall quality.

    Use a Chromium-based browser, don't be a lunatic.
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