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KDE Plasma 5.17 Beta Rolls Out With Wayland Improvements, Overhauled Settings

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    Hopefully one day we'll get back proper thumbnails of GIMP XCF 2.9+ files via Kimageformats but that's really GIMP's clusterfuck and not KDE's


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      Originally posted by andyprough View Post

      Doesn't that happen every time a new version of Debian is released - testing is frozen and things get backed up for awhile? I'm assuming we are just in that phase with the Buster roll out right now.
      By the time Debian get's updated, it needs four more plasma and qt updates though. For plasma, that's detrimental because of all the bug fixes in it and QT.


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        Originally posted by bosjc View Post

        As I ready linked to, please don't advocate for this. Here is yet another example of their incompetence:

        Yeah, and the compositor is called KWin and was maintained for years by the guy who wrote the article I linked to explaining why Trinity is so terrible. And, yes, it can be turned off just like in KDE 4 and KDE 5. As for a theme engine/icon/wallpaper - oh, you mean like everything added in KDE 4 & 5?
        The article was written on October 14th, 2012. The Trinity project started in 2010. I don't care nothing about the content of that article. I need a DE that makes what I want, and fast and lean and clean too, the opposite of Gnome3 (4,5,6,...) and Plasma (qt4,5,6,7,...). I'm using the vers. R14.0.7. Gnome3 and Plasma still have a lot of bugs, after years of dedicated development. Lastly, Gnome3 (a lot, a lot, a lot, ...) and Plasma are DE's that are an end to themselves.


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          Originally posted by Guiluge

          Thanks for reminding us this article, it puts things quite in perspective...
          I loved KDE 3.5, had a tough time with earlier versions of 4.x, and now the fifth interaction has best of both I guess.
          Trinity should have been a special theme based on 4.x/5.x foundations, instead of forking everything (even obsolete libraries...)
          I disagree. I think it will be greatest mistake on passing on qt4 or qt5 libraries. The qt3 libs are also better than the actual gtk3 libs. Trinity should be a complete and indipendent DE. Indipendent from everything.


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            Originally posted by bosjc View Post

            Oh right - even better, they are "maintaining" QT 3 on their own now, too, along with the rest of the stack? Love their website, though - not a single mention of KDE (that all of the actual code comes from) on the main page. Tens of thousands of bug fixes and security issues? Lol, are you the sole developer of Trinity or something?
            Actually there are many mentions of KDE on the website. But KDE is a trademark that they can't claim, and can only refer to as a separate project. And there are 26 thousand commits in their commit history, and thousands of bugs resolved in their bug tracker. And numerous devs that make ongoing commits. And that's without looking into the commit history of TQt, which was forked in order to bring it under a free software license. As I said, it appears to be as well maintained or better than many other desktop projects.


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              Originally posted by bosjc View Post

              I guess you don't need actual security updates, stability, or anything else either then.

              Trinity is super stable for me and they have been fixing more flaws in the past two years, as well as extending Qt 3 and TQt's functionality.


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                Originally posted by frank007 View Post

                It only needs a beautiful theme engine, a nice icon theme and a nice wallpaper. Trinity has also compositing, for those need it (me dont).
                Install QtCurve on Trinity and then Q4OS's Debonaire theme. Makes it look pretty beautiful. And for full beauty, install the full Q4OS as it has a few more theming engine tweaks to make it look even better. But even with QtCurve and Debonaire on other distros, Trinity looks beautiful. As for icon themes: you can use modern theme you want (same goes for wallpapers).


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                  Originally posted by grigi View Post
                  On the topic of "lightweight" desktops, I have an old Atom Netbook. The IGP is not capable of running a composited desktop without major slowdowns.

                  I have been using XFCE on it as what seems like the best of the desktops for old systems, but the experience is not what I'd call "fluid". If Plasma5/kwin could just cope happily on that IGP I'd switch back for KWIN alone. KWIN is a lot smarter about using screen space efficiently, so works better on that stupidly-low resolution screen. Alas, it requires GL2 capable hardware to work well.

                  Very sad, we had GL3 hardware for half a decade before that thing was designed. I'm so glad that Intel picked up their IGP efforts since Broadwell, so now they are on par ITO features, just lacking in performance.
                  I can live with low performance much easier that missing functionality, because then I have choice. And the cost of deprecating support for something is a lot less expensive.
                  If you want Plasma but more lightweight, check out the DE 'LiquidShell'.


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                    Originally posted by bosjc View Post
                    As for a theme engine/icon/wallpaper - oh, you mean like everything added in KDE 4 & 5?
                    Or you mean what's already possible with Trinity? Here's a screen shot of Trinity with the Debonaire style (which, as you can see, is a Breeze-like theme for Trinity) and Paper icon theme:
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                      Originally posted by Vistaus View Post
                      Or you mean what's already possible with Trinity? Here's a screen shot of Trinity with the Debonaire style (which, as you can see, is a Breeze-like theme for Trinity) and Paper icon theme:
                      Is there a way to get the behavior of the windows resizing when you drag them to a border? Like with modern DE's, where you drag to the top to maximize the window, drag to either left or right border and you get resized to fill half the screen with the window. If it had that, TDE would be nearly perfect for my needs.