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Xfce 4.16 Should Be Out Next Year But Without GTK4 Or Wayland

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    Originally posted by Weasel View Post
    Because Windows just works.

    It's only a security gap if another user can do it. It can in X11, so I agree it's a security gap. But for Wayland, disabling it even for processes owned by the same user is a laughable design decision.

    As for DOS -- that has more to do with hardware abstraction in my opinion. Note that the trend has been lower level APIs like Vulkan and DX12, closer to the hardware, while still keeping the actual hardware abstracted so that the application can continue to run on current and future hardware that supports the API.

    I mean, that is literally the definition of "fundamentally broken". It is broken at the foundations, by design, and they will reject any proposal to allow query of windows positions, even if it's an option. And so on.

    X11 has many problems but Wayland is just worse.
    Linux works too. Just in different way than Windows.

    Really? So if some keylogger will run with my user privileges it should have access to I/O of all my running apps? For browser when I write my password too? I don't think this is good idea. Functionality like screenshoot, screen recording, remote desktop etc. can be achieved without letting some app read all other apps I/O. Just like today we can write apps without manual memory management like in DOS.

    On DOS you had hardware abstraction with easy access to memory and low level operations. Just like on Xorg where you have abstraction but you can read all I/O. Protected mode wasn't invented just for more RAM. It doesn't make protected mode worse than real mode because it won't let you have access to all memory.

    As I said Wayland isn't fundamentally broken because works in another way than Xorg do.