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Gnome Software on Fedora - a piece of shit (I am super mad)

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  • Gnome Software on Fedora - a piece of shit (I am super mad)

    In a single week..
    1. Failed to upgrade from F29 to F30 through Software, dnf to the rescue (and had to struggle even with that..)
    2. I click on "Remove" button to uninstall an app, literally nothing happens. No error, app stays in the menu.
    3. Clicking Software Repositories in hamburger menu, infinite load
    4. Searching for a program - takes seconds or infinite load!

    Who codes this shit?

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    I think it's the bigger problem with Linux where the 2 big desktops (KDE/GNOME) keep rewriting apps and the core stuff to the point that there's no such thing as a stable Linux desktop anymore. They're always busy transitioning. And when they're done they initiate a new big transition to something else. I avoid most of this crap by never upgrading to a new distro release always installing from scratch and by installing/removing all apps from terminal because the software management apps in both desktops have been transitioning to something new for the past 10 years at least.