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Xfce 4.14 Desktop Officially Released

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  • Xfce 4.14 Desktop Officially Released

    Phoronix: Xfce 4.14 Desktop Officially Released

    After more than four years in development there is finally the release of Xfce 4.14...

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    After more than four years in development there is finally the release of Xfce 4.14.
    and XFCE 4.16 will be released in 2023/2024/2025!!

    I was a hardcore fan of XFCE until 1.5 year ago but stopped using it due to its old stack/technology, poor applications and lack of advanced features that GNOME and KDE provide, I think with a little tweak, GNOME Shell session and specially GNOME Flashback can be as much lightweight as XFCE.

    GTK4 soonlly will be released and GNOME has finished its initial move to GTK4, now XFCE finally has been ported to GTK3 which was released seeral years ago!
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      Just name one distro that drops gtk2 dependency of xfce 4.14.


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        So xfce 4.16 will have Wayland support through Mir by 2022, right? Or is that a pipe dream?


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          Been an XFCE refugee since KDE 4 came out and ruined the great KDE 3. I actually like XFCE better than KDE3. Great desktop environment, moderate resource usage. Used it to switch my parents from Windows to Linux with minimal fuss.


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            I've been using 4.13-dev since it became available in Manjaro. They said from the start that the main goal of 4.14 was to transition from Gtk2 to Gtk3 with other major changes/redesigns designated for a later release. IMHO they've more than exceeded their goal, as in addition to transitioning from Gtk2, they've also added quite a few new features and usability improvements (the only components that are still Gtk2 are some 3rd-party plugins, which need to be updated by their respective devs or the wider community).

            Xfce+compiz works perfectly for my work and gaming needs. Very appreciative to the devs for their work in making this a stable, light, yet feature-full desktop.


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              Cant wait to start using the updated components, hope arch packagers, release them fast

              Lol, they already updated them!
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                In my opinion, Xfce is the only DE.


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                  I'm hoping for an automatic touchpad disablement option when my laptop detects a mouse. That's imo the only thing Gnome has over Xfce, but it's a biggie.


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                    Originally posted by enihcam View Post
                    Just name one distro that drops gtk2 dependency of xfce 4.14.
                    Gentoo, lol.

                    I've been using Xfce for years, and testing 4.14 since 4.13-pre1 and it shaped up to be a nice release. My only pet peeve is that thunar doesn't remember directory sorting settings.