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Sun looks to GPL v3 for Java, Solaris

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  • Sun looks to GPL v3 for Java, Solaris

    Originally posted by ZDNET
    When it comes to open sourcing Solaris and Java, patents and politics are leading Sun toward a change of heart.

    The question is which open source licence should govern the building of projects out of the company's technology crown jewels. The open source Solaris project began with a Community Development and Distribution License (CDDL), and open source Java employs version 2 of the General Public License (GPL).

    Now, though, Sun likes the idea of governing both projects with the upcoming GPL version 3, chief executive Jonathan Schwartz said in a speech and an interview at the company's analyst summit in San Francisco last week.

    "Will we GPL Solaris? We want to ensure we can interact with the GPL community and the Mozilla community and the BSD community," Schwartz said, referring to three major open source licences. "I don't think we've been as effective as I'd like to be in going after the GPL community, because there's an awful lot of really bright people who think that's the licence they prefer. That discussion is incredibly central to recruiting more developers around the world.",00.htm
    Michael Larabel