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GNOME Foundation Issues 2018 Annual Report - Massive Increase In Funding

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    Originally posted by Britoid View Post
    I think Outreachy spots a problem and I can't fault them for wanting to help, but imho it's going the wrong way about it.

    The reason why white men dominate STEM area isn't because white men are somehow discriminating against everyone else and thus you need to discriminate against them to fix it, it's because of stupid society stigmas and education. If you want to fix it, go into schools, get rid of gender-specific toys, campaign for free education for all and help on fixing society.
    With names like Marie Curie, Caroline Herschel, Barbara McClintock, Melanie Klein or, in our case, Adelaide of Lovelace or Grace Hopper, only an ignorant could seriously pretend that women haven't contributed greatly to STEM. Which is of course the reason why only progressive activists and graduates in social so-called "sciences" are the only ones who seriously entertain that idea and play the "society's fault" card. No wonder, because they wouldn't know who Lovelace was. Their Critical Gender Theory teacher never told them about her achievements.


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      Originally posted by rmoog View Post

      Where were those outreach programmes when I was eating mold off the walls because I couldn't afford food and rent because the British simply do not hire Poles for anything more ambitious than cotton picking?
      Furthermore, they betrayed their Allies and stole tons of Polish gold.


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        Originally posted by rmoog View Post
        What about being an immigrant?
        I'm not an expert but I believe that being an immigrant is only acceptable if 1) you are an illegal immigrant; or 2) you come with a background, behaviour and way of life that is as alien to western values, norms and customs as possible; or 3) failing that, you live off the dole and spend your time on Tumblr ranting about what a horrible place your new adoptive country is. If you came to Britain officially and legally, work, have learned English, pay your taxes and abide by the law of the land, then it won't save you. In fact, Poland being overwhelmingly catholic, it's probably an aggravating circumstance.


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          Wow, nice amount of funding, and great news on the extra resources going into Outreachy too.


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            Originally posted by Wojcian View Post

            Are you planning to replace their brains? It seems non white/east-asian guys and woman aren't good programmers.
            Why wouldn't they?


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              Given how much GNOME 3 sucked bad with 274000$, I fail to see how they could do something even remotely decent with 4x the amount of funds.


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                Originally posted by Slartifartblast View Post
                Outreachy ? Sounds like something pervs do on the Underground (The Subway for septics)
                No, it sounds like the word outreach. Maybe you have a perverted mind, Mr. Slartifartblast...


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                  Originally posted by DanL View Post

                  No, it sounds like the word outreach. Maybe you have a perverted mind, Mr. Slartifartblast...
                  No, I get what they mean. About age 16 I realized that there are so many euphemisms for smutty stuff that it's impossible to say anything without it being unrelated to sex. Knowing what a reach-around is I can only guess what an "outreachy" could be.


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                    I always was a silent reader in phoronix, but this kind of biased views or country specific is for me weird, I'll try to express my opinion, I try to express in the best way possible, I'm not English native, so, sorry if something is not well written.

                    I think that in US has a lot of discrimination problems, and language problems, I'm Argentinian, so we have a different view of discrimination.

                    In old times we have slaves, first and second citizens like most of the parts of the world, but we deal with it, embrace some things and go ahead.

                    From here, when they say the N word, seems illogical, because a word that is disrespectful when time passes that word lose strength and became something that group and identifies people, but in US they created a snowball that you can't stop now.

                    We are called "sudacas" using a disrespectful tone but, when time passes, becomes a joke, and lose his strength, and then become part of common slang, embracing it.

                    We having a lot of Venezuelan immigration here, and they get surprised when normally and in a friendly or lovely way we call people "Negrito/a" or "Negro/a", the meaning of this words, are in raw translation , little black, and black, the real meaning is like "honey" or something like, they seems stunned at first but then they understands, the intention and meaning.

                    So where I'm going with all this ?

                    Well I think that some societies are going backwards with offended people, are going to places where you can't go back.

                    I really thing that in some parts of the world , like middle East woman are "second citizens", but I don't think that non white people has less opportunities or other races, like someone's say, may this is in some countries, communities that are in the 18XXs.

                    I work with a lot of Indian people that are all over the world, they are not white in most of the cases, so are they discriminated? I don't think so.

                    So exluding that countries or states that are in 1800s minded,

                    I think like someone post here, the problem start in early ages with education, with gender based toys that do not help that woman get closer to STEM.

                    And then, I believe that are people that needs to be helped/pushed to be something else, is not qualified for that, programming is not for everyone, you need to have some skills to be a useful one, and self learning and initiative are some of them, and that have nothing to do with gender, race or weight.

                    The way that Gnome did is a kind of propaganda and socially acceptable / correct way to spread something, I don't agree with this kind of initiatives because do not attack the problem, just the symptom, but seems to work for them, and by default this kind of initiative is discrimination, because may someone because of gender do not have the opportunity.

                    Sorry for this long long long post, but this kind of view/topic triggers me.


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                      $1,073,797 is either comparably a lot for making a libre desktop environment, or very little in respect of Outreachy.