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Chrome 75 vs. Firefox 67 / 68 Beta Linux Performance

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  • Chrome 75 vs. Firefox 67 / 68 Beta Linux Performance

    Phoronix: Chrome 75 vs. Firefox 67 / 68 Beta Linux Performance

    With last week's release of Chrome 75 I have now wrapped up some benchmarks seeing how the performance of the updated Google web-browser compares to that of the current Firefox 67 stable release as well as Firefox 68 beta, including with WebRender activated. Here are those latest Linux web browser benchmarks.

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    Considering Google are going to hobble addons like ublock i'd rather still with Firefox regardless.


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      Cool, however Google is acting like the good old days of IE6... Now if a website isn't build around Google recommendations (I mean around Chrome) simply doesn't work properly, most of the websites built with "asp" or ".net", ironically, work better on Firefox rather than Chrome. The latter can be faster but the former has better compatibility with standard and even non-standard web technology.


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        What about the video streams acceleration via GPU?
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          Firefox 68 is looking to be a great release that is significantly faster than Firefox 67.

          But how can Chrome be so fast, and what can Firefox do to catch up?


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            Thanks for doing this!

            Given Goggle's anti-consumer decisions about ad-block recently, I'd be interested in a similar comparison of Chrome vs. Chromium-derived browsers that are committing to keep ad-blocking (e.g. Vivaldi, Brave, Opera). Maybe toss in a couple of the FireFox-derived browsers like Waterfox and Palemoon to round out.


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              I hate Firefox, because of that, and I use Vivaldi for desktop, and Brave for android.


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                Gotta love the excuses Firefox users are willing to make to "defend" their choice. I'm using Chromium until Firefox steps up its game.


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                  It is cool to benchmark, but are this differences really noticeable by an average user?


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                    And here is me that I really dont care about speeds and I just need a browser for its functionality.

                    Really I wonder who the heck invented TABS on TOP and has become a trend for all browsers!!!
                    You waste a lot of secs going from the top of page up to the top of TABS to close a tab or switch to another tab and for someone who spends a lot of time on the NET with 100's of tabs this is a total waste of time and this trend TABS ON TOP must be stopped!

                    I am just so pissed off that I cant find a modern browser that cares about functionality instead of ULTRA SPEEDS and horrible layout designs.

                    I am now using Waterfox because of addons and tabs below web link and below bookmarks.