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DisplayLink's USB Display Docks Should Work Nicely On Wayland With GNOME 3.32.1+

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    Originally posted by RussianNeuroMancer View Post
    Doesn't want to defend DIsplayLink, but they actually do have ARM binaries available:
    Those are rpi only. The rpi world exists of nothing more than linked to proprietary libraries. Take a look for steamlink for the rpi for instance. You can't really get around the proprietary nature.
    Not only that, rpi doesn't even have USB3, so it's weird.
    Anyway, this is the official version of displaylink: .
    My experience with closed source (and I mean, I get no source even under NDA), is that they are a big waste of time and money.
    Already wasted a few thousand dollars to a company that could not keep up with the amount of kernel updates we had. There was no way we could fix things ourselves without source, but an NDA was out of the question.
    Fortunately that company came out with a usb class version of that device so we just chalked it up to generic R&D loss.
    The displaylink drivers in the kernel for the USB2 version are the most viable for the amount of kernel changes we have. I don't know what the added benefit is of their proprietary drivers, our cpu's are fast enough.
    Anyway, it's their loss. We don't do displaylink (based devices) anymore.