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Chrome 74 Is Now Available Though Not Too Exciting For Linux Users

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    Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
    According to you. all people including you that installed it in their system are infected by malware.
    You know the concept of peer review?

    If that feature gets in an none of the experts objects in the linux kernel community, then it's very likely good.

    Compare to a downstream project like Pale Moon, where they do whatever they want with no review from experts. It's not hard to just keep things "working". You do this all the time in your shitty Amlogic device and kernels by hacking around. Your systems work fine right? Debian + xfce + self-compiled kernel with hacks + random PPAs for updated stuff.

    Is that safe and acceptable for mass distribution? Probably not. When you try to send your changes upstream they reject it because it's a hack.


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      Originally posted by uid313 View Post

      Dark mode is not for the widgets and browser UI.
      Dark mode is a new CSS query so that websites can define how their websites will look under dark mode.
      So you can have a website have black text on white background normally, but when it detects the user is using dark mode, the website is rendered with white text on black background.
      Alright, I was not aware that chrome had a "non-gui" dark mode. I made a mistake. I was not even aware that it was possible to change to a GTK backend... thanks for the heads up folks!


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        Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
        I did post malware scanning results already
        Does not make it any less malware bullshit.

        and you do post only personal opinions.
        I posted only facts.
        When Firefox ESR will go EOL so they won't be able to get fixes by backporting them.
        They are forced to use old and unmaintained plugins.

        Very non academic discussion style.
        That's the level of the discussion you set.