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Xubuntu 19.04 Is Ready With To Provide Its Updated Lightweight Xfce Desktop Experience

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    Originally posted by TheOne View Post

    If you view the git repository ( you will notice how wrong is your comment.
    Key here is "Git". I'm talking about pure releases. (and not just one small component getting one fix!)


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      Interesting. Didn't know that Debian is starting to package it. To be fair however this is still experimental packaging, and it's a dev version of xfce.


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        Xubuntu has been my "goto" DE since version 6.04 (if memory serves correctly).
        I´ m absolutely loving the simplicity and stability. But yeah it wouldn´ t hurt to have more developers working on it.


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          Originally posted by debianxfce View Post

          I did found Xubuntu configured for dummies and I did not like how they disabled many vanilla Xfce features. A rolling release OS is modern computing and that is why Debian testing/sid is the way to go. You will get latest fixes and features a lot of sooner than they arrive to ubuntu.
          I don´ t mind waiting for updates on xfce, it works well for me as it is.
          And since there is eons of time between xfceupdates anyway, a couple of more weeks doesn´ t bother me.
          I´m using Xubuntu Dev PPA and on occasion (if I feel particularly adventurous) I try there Experimental PPA.
          Those give me current enough software, should I need it.

          And about rolling release or´s just subjective and a matter of taste. If you like rolling release than that´ s perfectly fine..I don´ t, as simple as that.
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