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MATE 1.22 Released - Inching Towards Wayland Support, Better Systemd Integration

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    Originally posted by stingray454 View Post

    I personally really like Deepin, it feels very mature for only being 3 years old. Sure it has some bugs, but in many way feels more modern and more usable compared to some other DE's. Given some time I think it will be a serious contender (if it isn't already).
    I agree. I think it's partly because the devs are working on it full-time and are very mature (the previous Deepin was a modified GNOME Shell, so technically, they are coding for much longer than 3 years now).


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      I started using Xfce in year 2006 and that were my comeback to Linux, when I received Ubuntu via Mail on CD. but I downloaded Xubuntu 7.04 CD ISO via 56K modem. It seemed to give nice configurable environment that was considered light-weigth compared to GNOME and KDE but giving much of the functionality compared to less equipped DEs. (Were still using P III-733 with 384MB at a time , soon upgraded to 2GB AMD 3600+ X2 on 64bit Xubuntu)
      Today is year 2019 and I still use Xfce under Xubuntu on 8GB RAM 4Core machine. Same as before it is stable, lighter and it is working great and able to configure it's panels however I like. And with none obvious observable bugs to speak of in regular work.
      And I also used MATE extensively on an laptop with Openindiana/illumos (not Linux ) for quite some time in between (upgraded from GNOME 2)
      So, you won't make mistake if you choose aether MATE as great DE or Xfce as lighter choice where everything works as you like to configure it.