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Firefox 65.0 Released With WebP Support, Better Security

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    Just successfully built Firefox 65 on OpenSUSE 15.0

    Seems like the Wayland backend is not automatically used even when ac_add_options --enable-default-toolkit=cairo-gtk3-wayland is provided at build time. I have to specify the use of Wayland at launch time for FF65 to start as a Wayland application, otherwise it defaults to x11.

    Which is strange, because FF64 automatically launches as a Wayland application by default with that build option.

    Other than that, there are no immediate user-facing changes that I can see. Most of the improvements are in the backend as usual.


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      Originally posted by KellyClowers View Post

      No one is running desktop software on "mobile" (phones/small tables).

      For smaller laptops, A) they need to increase the resolution which is usually something shitty like 900, and B) even then, fuck CSD.
      I run LibreOffice on my phone in an Arch Linux Arm chroot over VNC so I can draft up contracts. There might be an app that does what I need, but why change when I don't have to? I used to do Android roms and whatnot and it was nice having Kate, syntax highlighting, and git when on the go. I keep the VNC around because it's handy having the same programs everywhere...granted it is awkward, but it works...

      That makes 1 person running Plasma and desktop software on mobile. I'd have it on my tablet but I need a larger SD. FF Tactics, SoTN, and a bunch of other random games are more important.


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        LPT to all haters. Insist on spelling it csD.


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          Originally posted by pal666 View Post
          no, i'm smart enough to use mp3 for old files and something else for new
          It's called progressive enhancement. If your website doesn't work properly in links you're doing it wrong. I don't care if some irrelevant browser works as well as a text browser. Alt text is there in case pictures don't work.


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            Originally posted by grok View Post
            BTW I tried Thunderbird and got this same style of GUI with no window title bar and hamburger menu. I was pissed. I thought this is a traditional, old, complex piece of software and not a browser.
            Again: Xerox GlobalView desktop environment introduced headerbars and hamburger menus way back when, even before Thunderbird was born, so what is your definition of "old software"?


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              Originally posted by DoMiNeLa10 View Post
              It's called progressive enhancement.
              are you sure you wanted to reply to me?


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                Originally posted by Vistaus View Post
                The env var I understand, but browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar... I thought that setting only worked on Windows?
                AFAIK the unix and windows pref were unified to browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar:



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                  Originally posted by Sonadow View Post
                  Which is strange, because FF64 automatically launches as a Wayland application by default with that build option.
                  FF64 from OpenSuse or from Mozilla? Distro maintainers may have added their own patches because the GDK_BACKEND switch was rather impractical. This was fixed in bug 1522780 by introducing a separate environment variable (MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND) that doesn't affect other applications.


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                    Originally posted by 144Hz View Post
                    I’m most excited about further wayland and headerbar integration.
                    Firefox on wayland, header bar integration and enabled hardware acceleration with amdgpu driver provide a smooth experience.

                    User Agent     Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Fedora; Linux x86_64; rv:65.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/65.0
                    OS     Linux 4.20.6-200.fc29.x86_64
                    Compositing    OpenGL
                    Asynchronous Pan/Zoom    wheel input enabled; touch input enabled; scrollbar drag enabled; keyboard enabled; autoscroll enabled
                    Active    Yes
                    Description    X.Org -- AMD RAVEN (DRM 3.27.0, 4.20.6-200.fc29.x86_64, LLVM 7.0.0)
                    Vendor ID    X.Org
                    Device ID    AMD RAVEN (DRM 3.27.0, 4.20.6-200.fc29.x86_64, LLVM 7.0.0)
                    Driver Version    4.4 (Compatibility Profile) Mesa 18.2.8