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Wine 4.0 Officially Released With Vulkan Support, Initial Direct3D 12 & Better HiDPI

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    WINE is far for perfection many times, let alone Wayland

    Let say it like this... in this WINE version for near 16 year old Indiana Jones and The Emperor's Tomb (but is as of recently available on steam too), so i said lets try to push to run this and here are mine results. For that game i load native msvcrt, non default renderer gdi, then d3d8to9 pseudo driver...

    And on top of that of course nine stalone, to render everything fast & proper with shaders

    To not mention that i use non default amdgpu driver also for AMD CIK... joking a bit, but this as example of reality sometimes. Game works perfect really, just with quite a lot of nondefaultism.

    I won't report there platinum on appdb of course, as they don't support some things that i did for that game for example
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      And now even forum won't show message, he, he

      To not say that videos in the game won't scale properly, as that with GL to GDI works only if you cap MaxShaderModelVS to 2 But then wined3d is unusable to render else shaders in a game anyway.

      Whatever, user could rescale these bink videos to desired value which matches size of resoultion with RADVideo Tools and that works in WINE

      So, that is it after various steps i needed to guess, as game never worked properly in WINE... i got my own enhanced DX8 Indy, which could be played fine with Nine

      All this is not a big issue for game modders anyway
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        Originally posted by schmidtbag View Post
        As much as I am an advocate for Wayland, I don't advise it for gamers, especially those using Wine. It's not quite there yet IMO.
        Same. I use it a lot and the desktop experience has been pretty good lately, especially when using some yet to be merged patches for mutter and gnome-shell, but for those who just want a good gaming experience, just stick to for now.


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          Originally posted by caligula View Post
          Good question. BTW Does X have any support for emulating X pointer with gamepads? I've been unsuccessful so far.
          For using joypads as general inputs, I have used AntiMicro for several years now, it is easy to configure it any way you like.