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Wine 4.0 To Be Released In The Next Few Days

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  • Wine 4.0 To Be Released In The Next Few Days

    Phoronix: Wine 4.0 To Be Released In The Next Few Days

    With yesterday's release of Wine 4.0-RC7, the regression/bug count is low enough and the situation looking good that the stable Wine 4.0.0 release should be tagged in the next few days...

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    Is anybody else experiencing a lot of stuttering on XWayland when playing games in 4k with wine?


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      Originally posted by ihatemichael
      I didn't know that, sorry about that.
      mfplat native works well though. Here's roughly what you have to do:
      • Grab mfplat.dll msmpeg2adec.dll msmpeg2vdec.dll sqmapi.dll from a Windows 7 install or iso (updated is better)
      • Create a .reg file with the following contents and import it into the wineprefix with regedit:
      • Register the dlls:
        for dll in msmpeg2vdec.dll msmpeg2adec.dll; do /opt/wine-staging/bin/wine regsvr32 "$dll"; done
      Make it a script so you can do it automatically on any new wineprefix, like me. This should enable videos to work just as good as on Windows.

      (you need it for videos, right? not sure what else is mfplat for)

      Of course repeat the process for 32-bit and 64-bit if needed. If you need to register the 64-bit DLLs, use "/opt/wine-staging/bin/wine64" instead.


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        I really just want to run Virtual Pinball in Wine for my arcade machine. Some people say it works but for me it just loads a table, renders it static, then nothing ever updates (ie. the table doesn't actually run).

        Altium would be nice too but sometimes even on straight Windows it's broken due to their messed up usage of the graphics API.