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AMDGPU Changes Begin Queuing Ahead Of Linux 5.1 Kernel Cycle

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    Originally posted by shmerl View Post

    But they do show up in debug sysfs now? I.e. you can see frequencies in amdgpu_pm_info for example.
    I'm not sure what you are asking. amdgpu_pm_info has always been in debugfs. The hwmon-compatible freq interfaces are in sysfs just like the existing hwmon interfaces for voltage, power, fan, etc.


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      Yep, I meant debugfs.


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        Originally posted by Mathias View Post

        What does this mean exactly? Is it just a readback or can I easily change the clocks with that patch?
        Readback. This exactly means it could show up in GUIs for Linux too

        Same thing like Mesa's Gallium HUD could already show:

        GALLIUM_HUD=simple,shader-clock,memory-clock glxgears
        With HWMON interface that could be show in console, or in TUIs, GUIs too, GTK; QT, whatever... and it does not require root rights like debugfs for example or whatever

        It is more universal, say since AMDGPU-PRO blobies does not have HUD, this is useful for these too i guess
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          Originally posted by debianxfce View Post

          Where are reasonable priced freesync2 HDR monitors? Do you really need techniques like HDR and ray tracing that slows down fps. The rc-2 kernel has more patches for the nvme driver so avoid the rc-1 kernel that is partially implemented and unstable.
          That is not a useful answer to my question.

          HDR does not "slow down fps" in any way at all.