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GNOME 3.31.3 Released As Another Step Towards GNOME 3.32

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    Originally posted by halo9en View Post

    It's a different workflow, so people coming from KDE, MATE, Window$, keep complaining while they should simply try it a bit longer.

    I used to complain about what I perceived to be a "tablet interface" but after working with it for a while I find it now much more convenient/faster to use that "traditional" ones.
    Whenever I try a different DE now, I am confused on why it works the way it does, I'm so used to Gnome-shell now that it irritates me when I have to use something else. Hell, even Windows 10 allows me the same 'hit windows key, type some letters, hit enter' method of launching software as Gnome-Shell does. Plus I just hit the Super key once and then can see live windows of all my applications and select which one I want to have focus. It's even nicer if I have a touch screen if I don't feel like reaching for the mouse.

    I agree 100% that those who hate Gnome, they haven't tried it since about 3.18 or so. That's when it became pretty usable.