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GNOME Shell In Ubuntu 19.04 Should Be Faster, Ubuntu Devs Still Working On New Installer

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    Originally posted by uid313 View Post

    No, its about designing a user interface for human beings.
    It is about neuroscience and neuropsychology.
    It is about science.

    Context switching in the human brain is an expensive operation. The HCI and UI should strive to minimize it.

    Human multitasking on Wikipedia
    Multitasking: Switching costs by American Psychological Association
    The True Cost Of Multi-Tasking on Psychology Today (40% productivity loss)
    You are assuming everyone context switches for the same reasons. You are wrong.


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      Originally posted by sarmad View Post
      We've been hearing of a lot of "big" performance improvements in Gnome every now and then for the past few years and so far NONE of these optimizations were noticeable to the naked eye. I bet this one will be under the same category. I hope I'll be proven wrong by April.
      I'm not sure what you intend by such language, because if NONE of this was noticeable for you eyes, then they simply can't see. But to make one example: at the beginning of the year they discovered they weren't doing proper garbage collection, leading to excessive ram consumption. The now working gc has spiked CPU usage in certain places, making for example the lamp/show applications animation very sluggish. This again has been mostly fixed now, so now we have acceptable ram and cpu usage.
      For me, there was a big step from 3.28 to 3.30 and I expect an even bigger one to 3.32 as most/all really bad performing areas will have been sorted out plus lots of improvements all over the place.