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Wine 4.0 Release Preparations Begin For Much Improved Windows Games / Apps On Linux

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    Originally posted by Weasel View Post
    :And FYI Wayland is a protocol.
    Has new feature stopped being added to the wayland protocol the answer is no.

    Big thing Wayland protocol was not design to suite Windows Programs. And it not design to follow windows logic. Wayland was not design for follow X11 logic either. Wayland was design to be closer to how the hardware in fact is doing things. This means you have to rethink about the problems.
    The best solution Wine could offer, would be a virtual desktop that uses native Wayland. Not sure if it is worth the effort though.
    Last paragraph. Does a wine virtual desktop on wayland have to have the same limitations as the X11 one no. Can a virtual desktop on wine be quite transparent yes The XWayland virtual root window is quite transparent. Native wayland subsurface system suites the virtual desktop solution better than X11 ever did and would bring a highly requested feature for those playing old games of screen scaling. Xwayland is going to be around for quite some time. Wayland use to lack the features required to work around the missing features. That is not the case any more.